About our National Convention


Lambda Theta Alpha hosts its annual sorority-wide convention where sisters from across the nation gather to celebrate sisterhood, receive professional and personal development, and engage in philanthropic activities. Rooted in our principles, our three-day event is the largest and most dynamic gathering for our sorority, attracting over 500 members, both undergraduates and alumnae from across the nation, including the sorority’s cherished Founding Mothers.

During the event, attendees will have the opportunity participate in:


The LTA National Convention is a special opportunity to invite all members to come together with the intent to build bonds that will last a lifetime.

Personal Development

Sisters participate in educational breakout sessions; which serve to empower members as individuals and further develop professional skills.

Chapter Management

Undergraduate and Alumnae Chapters learn best practices to assist them in developing programming in order to maximize their impact on the communities they serve.


National Convention is a prime opportunity to exchange stories, share experiences and connect with other members to further cultivate one’s social capital.

Leadership Summit

During the Leadership Summit at National Convention the National and Regional Leaders convene for training and leadership development, while also strategically planning how to carry out the sorority’s operations for the upcoming year.


The membership, both Undergraduate and Alumnae, learn how to further support, advocate, and give back to our National Philanthropy & Partnership with St. Jude and the Lambda Theta Alpha Foundation, Inc.